My writing explores politics, travel and tourism, and culture, and has appeared in The Washington Post, Salon, The Ottawa Citizen, This Magazine, BRIGHT Magazine and The Rumpus, among others. 

Critical essays and opinion writing

“#ChurchToo: The Toxicity of Christian Complementarianism.” Bitch.
"The Next Trend In Travel Is... Don't." BRIGHT Magazine. 
"Developing an ethics of travel." Geez Magazine.
"The politics of words." Salon
"Donald Trump speaks like a sixth-grader. All politicians should." The Washington Post.
"Youth aren't apathetic and StatsCan has the proof." The Ottawa Citizen.
"Don't disenfranchise young Canadians." The Ottawa Citizen
"Ken Bone shows we’re as bad at talking about sex as we are at choosing presidential candidates." The Internet Review of 2016.


Creative non-fiction and poetry

"Albums Of Our Lives: Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City." The Rumpus.
"Opening and closing" in Boobs: women explore what it means to have breastsEd: Ruth Daniell.  
"Landmines." Proximity Magazine
"Immersion Therapy." Killing the Buddha.
"Michael and I will know each other only in Morocco." Matador Network.
"Three New Year's Eves Across Three Continents." Medium.
"Fifty shades of white." The Ampersand Review.
"He says." In/Words Magazine & Press.
"The Women." (parenthetical)


Reported pieces

"4 ways to cope when politics are stressing you out." Headspace.
"Body power." This Magazine (print).
"How One Trip Abroad Totally Changed This Lawyer's Career Path." TakePart World
"In His Own Words: Why This E.R. Doctor Has Worked in 10 Countries." TakePart World. 


Travel writing

"When the Gates of Hell Open." Nowhere Mag
"The lives of those you pass in northwestern Cambodia." Nowhere Mag.
"Exploring Roads Less Travelled in Cambodia." Travelife Canada.
"Valencia festival is Fire and Nice." Travelife Canada.
"Cambodia Turns into a Water World Annually." Travelife Canada.
"Pack It: Canadian Dollar." Nowhere Mag
"Currency: Vietnamese Dong." Nowhere Mag.